Coins Guide and Showroom – US Coins, Gold and Silver Coins, Foreign Coins, and Paper Money


Investing in rare coins can be a rewarding experience for anyone with the right attitude and background knowledge about this field. Even inexperienced buyers can purchase coins that are graded and authenticated by third party services to assure the quality of each coin. A lot of times, written information are also available for beginners. The pricing of rare coins is very competitive in today’s market where profit margins are often lower than in the past.


Rare coins and precious metals have proven to be an excellent investing tool and protection shelter against inflation and economic downturn. If you consider investing in rare coins, keep in mind to be extremely careful selecting a qualified dealer or reputable resource and get as much education as possible on the coins you are purchasing. The more careful and knowledge you are, the greater will be your chance of making a profitable investment. The common mistake people people who just start getting into coin collecting might make is to try to make easy profits without giving thorough and serious thought.


How do you know how much a coin is worth? Two quickest way to find out are asking an expert, someone in a coin shop and looking in coin value books. You can find these books in bookstores and in the public library. You can even find software to help you determine the coin’s value.


A coin’s value is usually based on a number of factors, such as what country it is from, what condition it is in, what year it was made, and the grade a coin is given. For instance, an A+ means a rating between 58 to 70, depending on whether the coin is circulated or uncirculated. An A4 coin will have details rubbed off and blurred. The images and words on an A1 coin will no longer be readable.


As the price of gold and silver is rising, gold and silver coins are getting popular too because precious metal content provides the base value for them. If silver is selling $30 a troy ounce, that means any silver dollar is worth at least $22.8 ($30×0.76) assuming the silver dollars contain 0.76 troy ounce of silver. The value of gold and silver coins is greatly affected the ups and downs of the bullion markets.


Collecting coins can be a lot of fun. Coins and paper money can tell you about the world, and the history of the country. Moreover, coins collecting can also be a big investment. One of the most successful stories is about an average working man, John Jay Pittman, gathered one of the most astonishing collections of U.S. gold and silver coins. His collection was worth 30 millions dollars from his $100,000 investment.


Here are some collectible coins for sale. To see how much you can save, please select some of the most popular categories from the following:

US Half CentsHalf Cents US Large CentsLarge Cents Franklin Half DollarsFranklin Half Dollar
Flying Eagle CentFlying Eagle Cent Indian Head CentIndian Head Cent Lincoln Wheat CentLincoln Wheat Cent
2 & 3 Cents2 & 3 Cents Buffalo NickleBuffalo Nickle Jefferson NickleJefferson Nickle
Half DimeHalf Dime Seated Liberty DimeSeated Liberty Dime Barber DimeBarber Dime
Roosevelt DimeRoosevelt Dime Mercury DimeMercury Dime Barber Half DollarBarber Half Dollar
Kenney Half DollarKennedy Half Dollar Seated Liberty DollarSeated Liberty Dollar Seated Liberty Half DollarSeated Liberty Half Dollar
Liberty Walking Half DollarWalking Liberty Half Dollar Three Dollar GoldThree Dollar Gold Morgan Silver DollarMorgan Silver Dollar